newspeak meaning Edit

Balance is often the declared aim of media organizations in democratic societies. The term is used to describe the situation in which two superficially opposing views are presented, while a third interpretation remains unspoken and unexpressed, even though the third interpretation is often the most consistent with facts. In this context, the illusion of Balance serves to give an impression of healthy debate, whereas in fact the only views on offer are both consistent with the aims of corporate or military power.


BBC diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall said on the BBC Six O'Clock News of March 20, 2006[1]

There's still bitter disagreement over invading Iraq. Was it justified or a disastrous miscalculation?
The obvious third interpretation, that the invasion was a deliberate and criminal act of aggression, is not expressed, even though there is abundant evidence for it.


  1. quoted in David Edwards and David Cromwell, Newspeak in the 21st century, Pluto Press (2009), page 20.

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